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Monday, October 5, 2009

Cupcake Soaps!

I figured since i'm so into doing bath bombs why not make cupcake soaps?!

I did this prior to my weekend venture with food poisoning (long story) and thought they came out really cute! It's the size of a mini cupcake and it comes topped with a half slice of strawberry, pineapple slice (actually a sugar cube scrub) and sprinkles.
I hope you enjoy it!
You can find them for $7 for a set of 3 on my Etsy Shoppe

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Soap of the Day!!

Hanami Blossoms!

Now granted i'm not a fan of soaps that smell like flowers and roses and all that jazz but WSP bent the rules when they make this fragrance!

It's a mixture of Apple Blossoms, Starfruit, Asian Lotus, Iris Neroli and Oak Moss.

To me, is smeels like Cotton Candy mixed in with Vanilla, Oak, Musk and Passion Fruit. It's not a over powering fruity or flowery bar, it's very subtle and sweet. It has quickly become a favorite of mines!

A Regular 4+oz bar is $5.00, using this code receive 10% a Hanami Blossoms Soap Bar. A savings of $0.50 !

Visit me at my NEW website and type in Hani10 to recieve your savings! It will be deducted at the end of your purchase.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back on the scene!

Hello there bloggers!

I know it's been forever since i've blogged but i'm back!

Who knew that having a house would be so much work? Oh my goodness it's like never ending cleaning and laundry. I love it but can so do without it, ya know?

Well the kids are settled in school and business is slowly picking back up so I felt the need to start giving my blod the much needed attention it so deserved.

I do hope that everyone had a enjoyable summer and look forward to hearing your comments!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Melanie Graduates from Kindergarden tomorrow!

Gosh it feels like it was yesterday when I gave birth to my now 6 year old daughter!!! 29 hours of labor and no meds this itty bitty 5lb baby that was 6 weeks early made her debut. She's bright and so darn intellegent they want to skip her to 2nd grade or have her take advanced 1st grade classes!!!
She graduates from K on tomorr and I just wanna shout it to the world!!!!

Congrats baby girl!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Got A House!

So i've been gone for 2 months!! Why, you ask?
We moved into our new home a little over a month ago and I can honestly say that I never knew it took so much to keep up a house! Either way it's been more than fun!

Since I finally got MY OWN... yes you read right.... MY OWN work studio, I have the space to be able to creat more with-out little fingers in my way :-)

Though my Room is still a work in progress I managed to make a few batches of Soap!
Check them out and tell me what you think!

Also a big thanks to those who sent emails asking how and where I was, lol. It feels great to know there are some people who really care.


Watermelon Taffy, Fruity Hawaiian Punch, Baby Blue Suggar and BLack Tie Affair!

Monday, March 30, 2009

What's New In My Sweet Shoppe (10% Off)

Here are a new few things i've been working on and I think they are my best designs yet!
I'm holding at "Thank You" 10% off sale in my Etsy shop, so feel free to stop on by!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Closing down shop :-(

Well i've come to the conclusion to close down my Etsy shop and let Sweet Treat Your Body rest in peace.
We are in the mist of getting a new home and because my business is not bringing in enough money to help make up for the new house I have to get a "real" job.
So in the upcoming weeks i'm going to be having a sale to get rid of inventory.

Why not do both you ask? I'm a mom to 3 children and the youngest being 15 months, who requires a LOT of my time. So when I start back working a 9-5 my time is not going to allow making soap in the mix. I was able to stay up till 1 and 2 in the morning while being home with him but when I get a job, that time is going to now be needed for rest and other activities with my family.

TRUST ME, this is far from what ANITA (me) wants to do, but to keep a happy home and my fiancee from opening his mouth, I guess sometimes you just have to sacrafice :-/

Stay tuned as this saga continues and the sales that will benefit you.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm back!!!

I know, I know.... "why do you keep taking these long breaks?!
Well life has been going really fast for me these past few months and I try to blog when I can. So i'm back now for the second time around!

So here's my little update: We are getting a house and business is going great!!

What more can one ask for? I do hope everyone else has been doing great and blessed beyond measures :-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Polymer Anyone?

Well i've make the decision to start back making my Polymer Clay Jewelry. It's something I've loved making and did it to relieve the stress of making soaps all the time. I'm SOOOOOO excited to be starting this back up again! I just hope that it doesn't take away from the "feel" to my shop.....

Will it?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Come join me on MadeItMyself!

Another great venue I sell on is called MadeIMyself! A place to buy and sell handmade.

This is a place that's full of great people with cozy shops that make you feel right at home!
We are having a 10% off sale until the end of he month so come on by and do some New Year shopping:-)

We don't bite.

Happy New Year!!!

So it's 2009 now! WOW.......

It seems like 08 came and went.

So do you have any new years resolutions? If not that, then is there anything you plan on doing differently this year?

Out of the 1000's of "I plan to change....." remeber one thing:

Live your life to the fullsets because tomorrow is never promised:-)

Love like you've never been loved, Sing like you can carry a tune and dance like there is nobody watching!